A learner centered digital ecosystem of competence development


A learner centered digital ecosystem of competence development



We build competences throughout our lives through education, work, hobbies and other means. Understanding our competences and future competence needs, is a good starting point for building fruitful lifelong individual learning paths. This is where CompLeap comes into play.

CompLeap is an EU-funded project that aims to create new EU-wide digital services that help individuals in competence development.

CompLeap approaches competence development as a lifelong process. Lifelong learning enhances individuals adaptability and flexibility to train and retrain, enabling individuals to answer to changing labor market needs. CompLeap builds a learner-centered ecosystem of digital services around the development of skills and competences to better match competence supply and demand. This serves individual citizens, employers and decision-makers.

The CompLeap framework forms a platform for a flow of modular services for competence development. Our conceptual framework will support the creation, evolution and implementation of a structured, digitalized lifelong learner pathway integrating competence mapping, comparing education offer, labour market needs and learning analytics. To find an optimal solution for competence development, we focus on the needs of diverse groups, such as NEETs, migrants and those who change jobs.


In CompLeap we are building modular, learner-centered digital services, which aim at providing learners of all ages a clear and useful method to map and enhance their competences – A Learner Path.


The CompLeap Learner Path aims to link the processes of competence mapping and educational opportunity comparison together into one fluid personalized process, using data from both the learners themselves and national data registries. Through analytics data is collected on user needs and visualized for user guidance.

The first module of the CompLeap Learner Path is Competence Profile. Users can form a competence profile including previous education, strengths, skills and competences, work experience and future ambitions in education and working life. When the learner develops a new skill formally or informally, they or the system can suggest adding it to their profile.

With an up-to-date competence profile, the user can see and compare educational opportunities matching with their competence needs and interests. This phase can utilize other, pre-existing national and Europe-wide registries and services to provide the learner with an up-to-date selection of educational opportunities.

Finally, having found suitable choices of education, the learner can see a personal competence development plan, mapping out the steps in competence development needs.

Current Phases in Development:

  • Mock up prototype – visual screenshots of Learner Path (in testing)
  • HTML prototype – depicting full Learner Path with more functionalities than a mock up proto (planning)
  • “Beta” pilot – agile development of smaller modules forming parts of the Learner Path

Visit our mock-up demo: https://invis.io/8XNRS737TF9

What is the use of this for educators?

The vision is that institutions and guidance counselors can gain anonymous insight on learners’ actions inside the digital framework. The system would let educators know more about user needs – what their students or learners might have planned for their future.

Interested in becoming a part of the competence development framework of the future? Join us in our webinars or send us an e-mail!


CompLeap is a two year long EU-project that is led by the following partners:

Interested to join as an associate partner or affect the formation of CompLeap’s solutions through reference group work?  Do you have questions concerning CompLeap? Do you have ideas or want to give feedback? Please contact the project team at compleap@csc.fi for any ideas or questions. You can join our growing network of associate partners by clicking the button below. You are also most welcome to join the stakeholder seminars and become part of our reference groups.

CompLeap organises its work through CompLeap Eduuni-wiki and -workspaces.

Next seminar: Tuesday December 4, 2018

Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI /OPH)
Hakanimenranta 6 00530 Helsinki

10:00 a.m. until 15:00 p.m.

Seminar Programme 4 DEC 2018

User testing prototypes

Based on the needs identified in the April Stakeholder seminar, in our webinars and workshops, we are creating the first mock-up prototypes for user testing and validation. The mock-ups concentrate on creating a Learner centered path such as:

  • Personal Competence Profile
  • Matching and Comparing Educational Offer
  • Guidance through Learner Map

Visit our mock-up demo: https://invis.io/8XNRS737TF9

User testing and reference group validation will be done throughout the course of the project.

Regular webinars 

We launched our regular CompLeap Reference Group Webinars in June.The First Webinar was held Tuesday June 19th at 9:30 – 10:30.

The next webinar will be held Tuesday October 16th at 9:30-10:30. 

If you wish to participate, please express your interest by filling the contact form below with your email address. A separate calendar invite will be sent to you with the agenda and instructions for participation.

Fall 2018 Webinar dates:

  • Thursday September 6th at 9.30-10:30
  • Tuesday October 16th at 9.30-10:30
  • Wednesday November 28th at 9:30-10:30

The webinars will include:

  • updates on progress with the prototypes
  • focus on specific project areas such as learning analytics
  • guest input from related services, such as Työmarkkinatori

 Workshop in October

Next Reference Group workshop will be held in Wednesday October 10th at EDUFI Helsinki. We will provide further information soon.


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Contact information

Project email: compleap@csc.fi

CompLeap secretariat:

P.O. Box 405 FI-02101 Espoo, Finland

Visiting address:
Life Science Center Keilaniemi
Keilaranta 14, Espoo