A Change is Gonna Come – Enterprise Architecture guiding the digital transformation

Mar 29, 2019

In CompLeap project we are using an enterprise architecture (EA) method for creating an integrated and holistic learner-centred digitalised ecosystem framework that will look beyond existing, often siloed, structures.

Main aims and reasons to use EA in general are:

  1. Putting the strategy on live
  2. Visualizing the ideas and future
  3. Steering, leading and decision making
  4. Communicating and co-operating
  5. Interoperability in all architecture levels


Framework architecture

In these perspectives we created the CompLeap framework architecture. We modelled and visualised the strategy map, which includes strategic goals, strategic outcomes and capabilities, abilities what we need for achieving the outcomes and goals. In business architecture we described the stakeholders and main actors and their roles to realize who are the customers and users of the CompLeap services.  Also the learner’s path was designed and the main business services utilized by the learner was identified.

Beside these, we modelled the most needed CompLeap services and their elements relationships in different architecture layers (business, information and application).  Our application integration model describes the importance of collaboration of different information systems and shows in a very concrete way the importance of the co-operation between organisations.  If we cannot break down silos and co-operate across different administrative branches and between public and private sectors, we will not have enough power and ability to develop useful and usable services for learners. And without proper services we cannot succeed in the digitalised world.

A change is gonna come

EA is a well working, actually crucial, tool for planning and achieving the learner-centred digitalised ecosystem of competence development. We should not focusing only on digital business optimization i.e. improve productivity or just try to improve better customer experience but put a lot of power into the development of real digital business transformation – new products, services and brand new business models.

An American soul star Sam Cooke sang in early sixties “A Change Is Gonna Come”. As an enterprise architect I am lingering down my path singing “ I know A Digital Transformation Is Gonna Come”.