CompLeap prototypes – What are we developing and how?

Feb 28, 2019

Moving into a new phase in the CompLeap project

In the CompLeap project we aim to create services for learners that help in identifying and gaining new competencies. Our plan is to develop prototypes of Learner’s services that prove their practical use with end-user testing and under real world conditions. Since spring 2018 we have been collecting user requirements and compiling potential user scenarios. This work has resulted in mock-up prototypes that have been validated with both experts and users.

The mock-up prototypes have included envisioned functionalities for the purpose on testing the learner’s services at the conceptual level. This has been concretized in other words with visual screenshots of the designed service modules for life-long learners. Service modules such as competence profile, comparing educational options and exploring educational map.

But now we are at the turning point to demonstrate the feasibility of CompLeap service modules. In technical terms this means that we develop our Beta prototype as a new proof of concept (POC). The Beta prototype will include selected and reduced number of functionalities that we test and pilot with our associate partners and their end-users. The selected functionalities are a combination of Koski register data with personal interests and providing individual educational recommendations.

The First Beta prototype is planned to be ready for piloting in the end of May 2019. The full
Beta prototype is planned to be ready at the end of August 2019 after the fine-tuning of the
functionalities based on the piloting results and feedback.

Thus, we are now living very intense months of prototype development. To stay tuned and
participate to the prototype development, we organize biweekly on Fridays open demo
sessions. The aim of these session is to illustrate online after each development sprint the
made changes in the Beta prototype. Find below more information on how to join our demo-

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