Piloting the deployment of the prototype

Jun 25, 2019

Piloting the deployment of the CompLeap prototype means, in its simplicity, testing the prototype with users that are part of the target user demographic. We are partnering with various vocational education providers around Finland in order to reach the users from these demographics. The results of the user testing are used to enhance the prototype based on suggestions and issues noticed during the testing. While the users are always testing the newest version of the prototype, they cannot access their own data. This the users are required to use some imagination while they are completing their profile. 

In order to create a service that is relevant and suitable for our target users, we have to listen to the users themselves. That is why our development takes into account feedback from our users, which is gathered by guidance counselors and teachers in our associate partner institutions.

The main method of testing this prototype is user observations, conducted in unison with a structured survey. Observing the users in the process of using the service will provide us with clearest issues, knots and points of development that the path of usage of the service includes. The survey will delve more accurately into the users’ opinions on the usability of the software and the perceived benefits of the concept.

Piloting the deployment of the prototype has started in mid-May. Before that, the counselors conducting the user testing have been provided with adequate training from user testing professionals. The piloting process is done in two phases, the latter of which ends in October.  During this period, the counselors conducting the testing are asked to provide ten interviews each, thus providing us with some 150-200 user experiences. This is more than enough to ensure enough data for further development and decisions on the future of the concept. 

The first phase of user testing ends in the end of July. While the second phase will provide us with more insights on the user experience of the service, we can gather and showcase initial conclusions from the survey data in the beginning of August.